September 20-22, 2024

Fri – Sat | 10a – 7p

Sun | 10a – 5p

Grand Park Events Center

Westfield, IN

Dr. Lori – Free Antique Appraisals

About Dr. Lori

Dr. Lori is the star antiques appraiser on the History channel’s The Curse of Oak Island, Discovery channel’s Auction Kings and appears on FOX Business Network’s Strange Inheritance.

Dr. Lori has shared her expertise with NBC TV’s TODAY show, Anderson LIVE, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NBC TV’s The Tonight Show, Inside Edition, and Lifetime Television. Dr. Lori is an award-winning TV personality and TV talk show host with the Ph.D. in art history.

Learn more about Dr. Lori by reading her bio!

Dr. Lori’s Showtimes

Dr. Lori will host 4 total shows during the Suburban Indy Home & Outdoor Living Show!

  • Friday at 1p & 4p
  • Saturday at 1p & 4p

Please arrive early and be seated 30 minutes prior to her showtimes. She will appraise items first come, first served beginning with those seated in the front row and working her way back. If you are not seated early, you may not get your item appraised for free. But Dr. Lori will still be able to appraise items after her show for a $25 fee.

What Should You Bring for Appraisals?

Each showgoer is welcome to bring 1 item per show for free a appraisal!

  • Ideally, you will bring the actual item with you.
  • However, if the item is large or otherwise can’t be transported, you can bring in photos of the item.
    • Please bring photos of various angles to help improve the accuracy of the appraisal.

What if you want to get more than 1 item appraised by Dr. Lori?

  • No problem, you can come to multiple shows.
    • Bring a new item for any of the 4 shows you plan to attend!
  • Bring a friend with you to the show who doesn’t have an antique and have the friend ask for it to be appraised on your behalf!

Dr. Lori’s Antique Appraisal Comedy Show

Never been to a Dr. Lori show before? That’s OK… here’s the breakdown of what you can expect!

  • Fun!
  • Laughter!
  • To learn something (probably many somethings) new!
  • An educated, honest and FREE appraisal of any single item you bring to the show!
  • One to two hours of entertainment!

Dr. Lori earned a Ph.D. in Art History and has no interest in buying your antique! Therefore, she can offer you an honest value of what you could expect to get for your item in today’s marketplace. i.e. she won’t low ball you so she can buy it cheap and sell it for a lot!

She’ll offer some history and insight to each item she appraises and she’ll have fun with the person who brought it along the way. Expect to have to think quick on your feet as Dr. Lori will test your knowledge and understanding of the potential value of the items you bring in. This is where the comedy comes into play! You’ll enjoy the banter back and forth and quick-wit humor Dr. Lori adds to the show!

All guests at each show will submit their items for appraisal at the same time on stage. Then Dr. Lori will randomly select an item to appraise, until all items have been appraised. Please anticipate spending 1 to 2 hours (depending on number of items to be appraised) being entertained and educated during her show!

Dr. Lori – Value This Series

Want a better understanding of who Dr. Lori is and how she can help you? Check out some of her videos from her Value This series on her YouTube channel! You’ll see how she appraises, educates and offers some humor along the way!

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