September 20 – 22

Fri – Sat: 10a – 9p
Sun: 10a – 5p

Grand Park Events Center
Westfield, IN

Fall Show Features


Outdoor Living Spaces
Plant Market


Antique Appraiser – Dr. Lori


Kid’s Day

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Our primary show feature area welcomes you to browse through the creations of some of the top Suburban Indy area landscaper and outdoor space designers for your home’s exterior!

We have asked them to showcase their talents for you to browse through, get ideas from and be inspired!

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!

Plant Market

You asked for it, and we listened! We have added the Plant Market as the new feature to our show! Come prepared to purchase your fun fall plantings, orchids, succulents, air plants, cactus, trees, house plants and more!

200+ Exhibitors

It’s an amazing feeling to get to pick you who do business with! That feeling goes two ways…

  • YOU get to browse many experts at our shows and select who you feel most comfortable with handling your next project!
  • WE get to showcase only the best exhibitors!

In our years of show production experience, we have learned which exhibitors people want to see and which ones they avoid eye contact with while sprinting by their booth! Our goal is to create a show with hassle-free aisles, therefore…

Those aggressive, pushy exhibitors are not welcome at Suburban Indy Shows!

Sure, with over 200 exhibits its very unlikely you’re going to be interested in every one… but our goal is to allow you to relax as you walk the aisles and quite simply, enjoy the show!

Hassle-free aisles, mean no pushy exhibitors allowed!

Exhibitor List

Handmade Marketplace

This is an area for shoppers! Shoppers who love to support local business and those who handcraft their products!

We’ll have exhibitors from Suburban Indy showcasing cash and carry style products that you’ll love! Here’s a list of retail products our neighbors can expect to find at the show!

Recycled/upcycled products, honey and syrup based deliciousness, homemade bath and body products, candles, aprons, towels, kitchen gadgets, artisan chocolate, hand painted items, stained glass, hand made furniture and other wood products, Hoosier-based merchandise, fall fashion, living walls, living fences, moss walls, spices, sauces, dips, fall nursery plants and decor, storage solutions, wine and more!

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!

Dr. Lori – Free Antique Appraisals

Dr. Lori will host two shows per day at 1p and 4p on Friday and Saturday on our entertainment stage. Each showgoer is welcome to bring 1 item per show for free a appraisal!

In order to guarantee yourself a FREE appraisal, please be seated at the stage area 30 minutes prior to showtime. She will hand out FREE appraisal sheets to those in the front row first and work her way back until all FREE appraisal sheets have been handed out. If you don’t get a FREE appraisal sheet, you can still get your item appraised after the show for a $25 fee.

Get all the Dr. Lori details!

Kid’s Day – Sunday!

Kids’ Day Overview

On Sundays, we celebrate Kids’ Day!

Families with children are welcome at our shows anytime (children 12 & under get free admission every day of the show), but we’re happy to offer Kids’ Day activities on Sunday! We’ll have stage performances, magic, arts, crafts, song, dance & more! Check out our scheduled line up of fun below!

Kids’ Day Schedule

  • 10:30a – 11a = Magician Marcus Lehman
  • 11a – 11:30a = DinoROAR
  • 11:30a – 12p = Magician Marcus Lehman
  • 12p – 12:45p = Princesses Cinderella, Snow White & Jasmine
  • 1p – 1:30p = DinoROAR
  • 1:30p – 2p = Magician Marcus Lehman
  • 2p – 2:45p = Princesses Cinderella, Snow White & Jasmine
  • 3p – 3:30p = DinoROAR
  • 3:30p – 4p = Magician Marcus Lehman

About our Kids’ Day performers

Other Kids Activities Happening Around the Show

There are still plenty of things to do for kids in between our scheduled stage performance times.

  • DinoROAR walk-arounds
  • DinoROAR fossil exhibit
  • Princess photos plus meet & greet
  • Kids’ craft table featuring…
    • Glitter Tattoos
    • Arts & Crafts

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!


DinoROAR Overview

We’re very excited to a bring a new feature to this year’s show… DinoROAR!!!

This educational & interactive show teaches kids fun facts about dinosaurs in a captivating manner. During showtimes the Dino-handlers will bring out multiple life-like, animatronic & puppet dinosaurs! Kid’s will be captivated by the sights and sounds as the dinos interact with the children!

The DinoROAR show culminates with a chance for the kids to meet & have their pictures taken with a realistic looking T-Rex!

In between performance times, our showgoers can browse the fossil tent, featuring fossils from all types of dinosaurs. Written descriptions are provided for each fossil so that your family can look & learn about our prehistoric friends!

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!


Princesses Overview

Let your kids be treated like royalty on Kids’ Day as they get a chance to meet some of their favorite Princesses! The Princesses will take the stage to tell stories and sing songs about their experiences. Kids will be encouraged to dance along and participate throughout the show. At times the Princesses will enter the audience and dance with the children.

After the stage show, the Princesses will move off to the side for pictures and a meet & greet with the children!

2019 Princesses Performing
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine

*Princesses are portrayed by actresses from Happily Ever After Productions.

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!


We get it, convincing the kids to come along with you to a Home & Outdoor Living Show is maybe only slightly easier than convincing them to eat their vegetables…

We’re parents too – we understand. We’re here for you!

If you can’t make it to the show on Sunday for Kid’s Day, where we have lots of fun options lined up, we still have a way to make it easier on everyone…

Bounce Houses!

Every day of the show we’ll have a bounce house and inflatable obstacle course available to jump in and play – for no additional cost!

Just the $5 online price of admission gets you in to the show and Kid’s 12 & under get in free every day at Suburban Indy Show events!

So come, enjoy the show and let the kids blow off a little winter (cooped up in the house all day) steam!

Images are from past shows and do not specifically represent what to expect at the upcoming show!