Exhibitor Information

Upcoming Shows

Fall Edition

Sept. 22-24, 2023

Friday: 10a-7p
Saturday: 10a-7p
Sunday: 10a-5p

Grand Park Events Center
Westfield, IN

Holiday Show

November 24-26, 2023

Friday: 11a-7p
Saturday: 10a-7p
Sunday: 10a-5p

Grand Park Events Center
Westfield, IN

Spring Edition

Feb 9-11, 2024

Friday: 10a-7p
Saturday: 10a-7p
Sunday: 10a-4p

Grand Park Events Center
Westfield, IN

Partner Event(s)

In addition to our Suburban Indy Shows; our parent company, Exclamation Point Productions, assists with the production and exhibit sales for another event. The Hoosier Hardwood Festival. This 3rd year event will be held August 25-27, 2023 at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Click the link or logo to learn more about this event and contact us for exhibit space pricing.

Directions & Map!

Suburban Indy Shows take place in the Grand Park Events Center!

Conveniently located just 13 minutes from I-465 from the Meridian St. or Keystone Ave. exits!

Grand Park is in the heart of Hamilton County, just 1 mile West of the recently improved US-31. Easy access to the Grand Park Events Center off US-31 is available at the SR-32 or 191st Street exits!


Grand Park Events Center
19000 Grand Park Blvd.
Westfield, IN 46074

Click here or on the map to view location on Google Maps!

Showgoer Profiles

What we know about our showgoers!

Analysis of questions asked during the ticket purchasing process, on-site surveys, mobile device ID info and Google Analytics has provided the following profile about our showgoers!



Household Income

Home Ownership

Home Value

Showgoer Residences

What we know about the area surrounding our shows!

While there are 1.2 million people within 25 miles of our show, we are centered in the affluent north suburbs. There are 90,000 homes within a 10-mile radius of the show, with an average home value of $309,314 and a household income of $117,164!

Nearly 1.2 million people live within 25-miles of our show!

90,000 residences are within 10-miles of our show, with an average home value of $309,314 and a household income of $117,164!

About the Owner / Producer

Consumer show veteran Donell Heberer Walton, brings nearly 20 years of consumer show sales, production and now ownership experience to Suburban Indy Shows!

Before Suburban Indy

She led the Indiana “Flower” & “Christmas” Shows, held at the State Fairgrounds from 2005-2016 as the Executive Director & Show Producer. Before her promotion within HSI, she served as lead salesperson and show manager for 5 years.

Suburban Indy’s roots

Donell formed Suburban Indy Show as a result of leading surveys and studying focus groups, as well as years of listening and learning from exhibitors, sponsors, suppliers, contractors, show visitors and other industry professionals! Her research & experience resulted in a revelation: The ideal location for consumer shows wanting to attract upper income customers in Indianapolis, is within the northern suburbs! Thus, Suburban Indy Shows was formed in 2017 at Grand Park in Westfield, right in the heart of the ideal showgoer audience!!

Since Suburban Indy

Shortly after forming Suburban Indy she hired her longtime marketing partners at BPS Marketing to help her build the brand and begin promoting the shows! Then she invited her longtime colleague Kim Hirschfeld to join her sales staff! Both BPS Marketing and Kim had previously worked with Donell during her time as Executive Director of HSI Shows.

Industry Leadership

Donell is the President of Home & Garden Executives International (HGSEI). The organization formed in 1955 as a professional trade association for home, garden and flower show producers. It brings together the most successful home, garden & flower exhibition managers from the U.S. & Canada in a combined effort to promote continued excellence and professionalism.

Why Suburban Indy Shows?

Local Ownership

Locally owned, operated and produced. That means the ultimate decision makers are right here, right now!

Proven Success

Nearly 20 years of trusted show production experience, including both the Flower Show and Christmas Show at our Indiana State Fairgrounds! In total…nearly 50 successful shows produced!


…location, location! While there are 1.2 million people within 25 miles of our show, we are centered in the affluent north suburbs. There are 90,000 homes within a 10-mile radius of the show, with an average home value of $309,314 and a household income of $117,164!

Timing is everything

First and foremost, exhibitors want shows that produce results! Second to that, exhibitors want shows that produce results in a short timeframe! With our 3 day shows, in the heart of the most affluent side of town, we can provide ideal results that don’t require you to spend weeks away from your normal day-to-day duties!

Only Fall Show in Indy

Suburban Indy offers the only Fall Show Home & Outdoor Living Show in town! If you count on sales during the Fall / Holiday / Winter seasons, this show is the only choice for showgoers in Indy!


With the ability to start a show from scratch, the focus is on quality businesses, quality exhibits with quality staff… low category repetition will set us apart from our competitors and you from yours!

Community Minded

A portion of each ticket sold at every Suburban Indy Shows event goes to a local not-for-profit… because we believe giving back to our community is important!


Because we care about your business AND we care about you! Your involvement in a consumer show should be a business partnership. If you don’t feel you’re working WITH the show team, and you aren’t being heard, then you’re with the wrong producer! But don’ just take our word for it, check out our testimonials from other exhibitors below!


“We have really enjoyed working with Donell over the past handful of years on our projects. She has an amazing ability to pull the best out of people and really motivate a person to achieve. I feel she is extremely well organized and her thought process is very comprehensive. We will look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Caryn Atkinson - Landscape Architect, Start to Finish Landscaping

“I have worked with Donell for over 15 years and have nothing by great things to say about her and her abilities to run a top-notch show. She knows this business very well and understands the value of marketing and advertising her events to drive results. I’m confident her events will produce a good return for participating vendors. I’m looking forward to working with her again!”

Loree Myers - Event Marketing Director, Angie's List

“I have been working with Donell and participating in her shows since 2005! It is amazing how she understands the importance of relationships and communication. The detail and organization it takes to put on a show is more than most can comprehend…Donell never missed a beat and was always willing to step up to the plate to make the shows she produced better and better each year. It has been a pleasure to know and work with Donell and I look forward to many more years to come!”

Ryan Coyle - Owner, VIVE Exterior Design

“For nearly 10 years I have worked very closely with Donell and her team through many shows. In that time, I have never met a more professional, caring, and fun show producer! I currently cover 5 states, and participate in many industry events. While they are all rewarding in their own right, there is nothing more fulfilling than coming home to one of Donell’s show creations! She is a great show producer, great business partner, and an even better friend! We look forward to many more great shows together.”

Brock Harmon - Belgard Sales Manager, Belgard

“You certainly are the Queen of Events. Over these past two decades, we have come to know you and the passion you put into each and every show you are  involved. It’s been a pleasure working with you over the many years you represented HSI and now Suburban Indy Shows!

I have no doubt you will bring your energy, passion, professionalism and creativity into your new venture.”

Denny Kladis - President, DiscoverINDY

“I have worked with Donell for over 10 years. As a vendor in her shows, I have found her to be responsive to challenges and quick with solutions! Donell‘s imaginative approach to show production and her willingness to try new ideas has always resulted in a show that can be recognized as superior on a national level. For my company, sponsorship of a show produced by Donell Walton is both a privilege and a pleasure.”

Alan Drane - Director of Landscape Sales, Stone Center of Indiana