The Suburban Indy Difference!

Health & Safety
Free Parking
Hassle-Free Aisles
Quality over Quantity
Local, Woman-Owned Business
Food & Drink

Health & Safety Protocols!

We don’t simply want to host our event, we want to do so safely! The following protocols have been approved by the Hamilton County Health Department to allow our event to be held inside the Grand Park Events Center. Please note that first and foremost we are adhering to the Grand Park Health & Safety Guidelines. We are taking the following additional steps to maximize the health & safety of our showgoers, exhibitors and employees…

The following health & safety protocols resulted in a 98% approval rating from our recent show surveys! We’re proud to do everything we can to help keep you healthy at our shows!

  • Face coverings – Please check with facility/city/county state at the time of the show to see what the active face covering mandates, if any, are… and plan to adhere to their regulations.
  • Social distancing measures – A number of adjustments will be made to the show floor to encourage social distancing, including…
    • Widened aisles
    • One-way directional aisles
    • Additional cross aisles
  • Hand-sanitization – A number of hand sanitization stations will be placed at the show entrances and on the show floor.
  • Online ticketing – In order to reduce physical contact, all ticket sales will be conducted online. If you arrive without having purchased a ticket, a staff member can aid you in purchasing an online ticket.
  • Limited capacity – We have the ability to keep a continuous headcount taken at the show entrances and exits to ensure we remain under capacity limits, at any given time, approved by the Hamilton County Health Department.

Please note

  • If you or a family member do not feel well, please avoid coming to Grand Park.
  • Individuals 65 and older and those with known high-risk medical conditions are encouraged to remain cautious and stay home when able.

Location, Location, Location!

The mantra is true in real estate and its true in the places you choose to spend your time! Northside! Our location at Grand Park Events Center offers…

  • Easy commute, minutes off a 4-lane highway!
  • Safe suburban neighborhood feel!
  • New, clean, modern venue!

Directions & Map!

Suburban Indy Shows take place in the Grand Park Events Center!

Conveniently located just 13 minutes from I-465 from the Meridian St. or Keystone Ave. exits!

Grand Park is in the heart of Hamilton County, just 1 mile West of the recently improved US-31. Easy access to the Grand Park Events Center off US-31 is available at the SR-32 or 191st Street exits!


Grand Park Events Center
19000 Grand Park Blvd.
Westfield, IN 46074

Click here or on the map to view location on Google Maps!

Parking Info!

Parking is FREE!

Grand Park has parking available in many lots.

  • Lot C will be the primary lot for our show guests.
    • It is located just South of the Events Center entrance and is easiest to access from 191st Street.
    • Lot H will act as the overflow lot if Lot C gets full.
      • If Lot H is needed, a FREE shuttle service will be available to shuttle guests to and from the show.
  • Lot D is reserved for show exhibitors only.

Take a look at the Grand Park Map below for reference upon your arrival!

Hassle-Free Aisles!

We know which exhibitors people want to see and which ones they avoid eye contact with as they sprint by their booth! Those aggressive, pushy exhibitors are not welcome at Suburban Indy Shows! Sure, with over 200 exhibits its very unlikely you’re going to be interested in every one… but our goal is to allow you to relax as you walk the aisles hassle-free and quite simply, enjoy the show!

Quality over Quantity!

Instead of wandering the aisles of 600+ exhibitors, shooing away pushy sales people offering things that aren’t relevant to you and committing most of your day to attending an event… you could consider a fresh alternative!

Suburban Indy Shows invite only 200 – 300 of the highest quality exhibitors! We limit business category repetition so you won’t see the same thing over and over again. Pushy salespeople are not welcome in our shows. We offer a quality show that you can see in a couple hours, freeing up the rest of your day for whatever you want!

Local, Woman-Owned Business!

Locally owned, locally focused, locally beneficial!

Suburban Indy Shows is owned by local entrepreneur Donell Heberer Walton! Her goal is to help local residents find the ideas and help they need to improve their home & outdoor living spaces by connecting them to local experts and businesses! Along the way she hopes to create events that are fun and entertaining to keep people coming back year after year!

Here’s a little about Donell, she…

  • produced the Flower & Christmas Shows at the State Fairgrounds for 16 years!
  • launched Suburban Indy Shows after a large corporation bought out her previous employer and eliminated her and her entire staff’s jobs!
  • has lived near Lebanon, in Boone County, for over 20 years!
  • is a mother to two children and grandmother to two!
  • donated a kidney to her fiancé to save his life!
  • wants you to check out her new shows!

Food & Drink!

Grand Park Events Center offers many dining options. Here’s what’s planned for the upcoming show!

A full food & drink menu is available at the Grill Lounge, located on the 2nd floor overlooking the show.

Lighter options and traditional drink choices are available on the show floor in the cafe area or at the lobby concession stand.