Why Exhibit with Suburban Indy Shows?

Local Ownership

Locally owned, operated and produced. That means the ultimate decision makers are right here, right now!

Proven Success

Nearly 25 years of trusted show production experience, including both the Flower Show and Christmas Show at our Indiana State Fairgrounds! In total… over 70 successful shows produced!


…location, location! While there are 1.2 million people within 25 miles of our show, we are centered in the affluent north suburbs. There are 90,000 homes within a 10-mile radius of the show, with an average home value of $373,326 and a household income of $133,787!

Timing is everything

First and foremost, exhibitors want shows that produce results! Second to that, exhibitors want shows that produce results in a short timeframe! With our 3 day shows, in the heart of the most affluent side of town, we can provide ideal results that don’t require you to spend weeks away from your normal day-to-day duties!

Only Fall Show in Indy

Suburban Indy offers the only Fall Show Home & Outdoor Living Show in town! If you count on sales during the Fall / Holiday / Winter seasons, this show is the only choice for showgoers in Indy!


With the ability to start a show from scratch, the focus is on quality businesses, quality exhibits with quality staff… low category repetition will set us apart from our competitors and you from yours!


Because we care about your business AND we care about you! Your involvement in a consumer show should be a business partnership. If you don’t feel you’re working WITH the show team, and you aren’t being heard, then you’re with the wrong producer! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials from other exhibitors below!

Written Testimonials

While we’d be happy to tell you all the wonderful things about doing business with Suburban Indy Shows, we figured testimonials from your peers might mean a little more to you! Browse the many types of testimonials our wonderful exhibitors have offered over the years!

Quality Shows = Quality Leads

“The variety of vendors at the shows are impressive.  The sheer amount of people that come through is awe inspiring!”
RJ Leatherworks, Ryan

“Great shows, lot of interaction with people, lot of attendance, good leads to the businesses…will participate in future events!”
TemperaturePro Indianapolis, Sanka

“Gutter Helmet has thoroughly appreciated the opportunity that Suburban Indy Shows bring to interact with high quality leads, and in a very accessible and convenient venue. Donell and her staff are always responsive to our needs and suggestions. We look forward to the growth and continued success of Suburban Indy Shows!!”
Gutter Helmet of Central Indiana/Frisco Enterprises, Inc., Brian

“By far we have the best conversion to sale and return customer purchase of any show.  We love the quality and friendliness of your show visitors!”
The Amber Light, Amber

Grow Your Business

“So many local residents come to these shows, so it’s really great for new, local businesses to connect with their potential customers instead of being in too big of a show that draws from areas you might not service. Great location, great prices, very family friendly and you cannot beat FREE parking.  I really do love these shows!”
Pet Wants Noblesville, Colleen

“This was our first Suburban Indy Show and we will be back!!  We are confident we can grow our product with these shows.”
Tilina Marke Key Enterprises, Joe

“Love the shows…you get more bang for the buck at Suburban Indy Shows!”
Grandview Landscape Irrigation, Scott

We Work Hard For You

“Donell and her team ALWAYS do an amazing job with these shows. The result is an organized, upscale show for homeowners to enjoy! From a vendor standpoint, Donell is extremely knowledgeable and efficient when we email her with questions. Behind the scenes organization needed for vendors is top notch. How she hosted 3 shows during the lockdowns I will never know, but everyone was certainly grateful she pulled it off!  No other show presents this well to the customer and vendors!”
SEE Home Improvements, Stacy

“The Suburban Indy Home & Outdoor Living shows are well run and well attended shows.  The right length of time (3 days), right location (Hamilton County) and right attendees!”
Radiant, Duane

“Well run shows with friendly and accommodating staff. Located in a beautiful facility with plenty of FREE parking!”
Puresoft Water Treatment, Inc., Darlene

Relationship Driven

“I have been working with Donell for 18 years at shows within the green industry.  It is amazing how she understands the importance of relationships and communication.  The detail and organization it takes to put on a consumer event is more than most can comprehend…Donell never misses a beat and is always willing to step up to the plate to make the shows she produces better and better each year.  It is a pleasure to know and work with Donell…I look forward to many more years to come.”
VIVE Exterior Design / Artisan Outdoor Craftsman, Ryan

“For the past 12 years the Belgard team has worked very closely with Donell and her staff through many shows.  In that time I have never met a more professional, caring, and fun group of show producers!  We participate in many industry events.  While they are all rewarding in their own right, there is nothing more fulfilling than coming home to one of Donell’s show creations!  She is a great show producer, great business partner, and an even better friend!  We look forward to many more great shows together.”
Team Belgard

“We have been working with Donell for over 19 years!  We got our start in events with her and she has been a wonderful mentor and friend.  We LOVE her and enjoy having her as our “go-to” person when participating in an event to market and sell our products.  Donell is by far the best liaison we have at any of the shows we do.  She responds quickly, and always has a great solution, or creative idea, when dealing with issues.  Donell always works with finding us the optimum placement to ensure we have a successful show each year.  Pricing is always competitive and reasonable.  We are excited to be working with her and always look forward to her shows!”
The Amber Light, Amber & Gregg

Video Testimonials