Health & Safety Protocols!

We don’t simply want to host our event, we want to do so safely! The following protocols have been approved by the Hamilton County Health Department to allow our event to be held inside the Grand Park Events Center. Please note that first and foremost we are adhering to the Grand Park Health & Safety Guidelines. We are taking the following additional steps to maximize the health & safety of our showgoers, exhibitors and employees…

The following health & safety protocols resulted in a 98% approval rating from our October 2020 show surveys! We’re proud to do everything we can to help keep you healthy at our shows!

  • Temperature screening – All guests & exhibitors must have their temperature taken via our touchless scanners prior to being allowed on the show floor. Please see the video below / right to see an example of this very quick and easy process.
  • Face coverings – Everyone on the show floor will be required to adhere to whatever the active face covering mandates are for the facility / city / county / state at the time of the show.
  • Social distancing measures – A number of adjustments will be made to the show floor to encourage social distancing, including…
    • Widened aisles
    • 8′ draped side walls between exhibit booths
    • One-way directional aisles
    • Additional cross aisles
  • Hand-sanitization – A number of hand sanitization stations will be placed at the show entrances and on the show floor. Additionally we will supply all exhibitors with a bottle of hand sanitizer for their exhibit space.
  • Online ticketing – In order to reduce physical contact, all ticket sales will be conducted online. If you arrive without having purchased a ticket, a staff member can aid you in purchasing an online ticket.
  • Limited capacity – We have the ability to keep a continuous headcount taken at the show entrances and exits to ensure we remain under capacity limits, at any given time, approved by the Hamilton County Health Department.

Please note

  • If you or a family member do not feel well, please avoid coming to Grand Park.
  • Individuals 65 and older and those with known high-risk medical conditions are encouraged to remain cautious and stay home when able.

Example of show entry process with quick temperature scan.